Carol’s House

Welcome to Carol’s House! Since 1978 Carol’s House has been providing care, community and cognitive growth to children in Norman, OK. Our program is based upon these principles:
  • respect for each other
  • reverence for our earth
  • understanding of others’ rights and feelings
  • social and emotional awareness and the vocabulary to express wants and needs
  • self-reliance
  • safety and good health habits
  • cooperation and kindness between children of many ages
  • self-regulation
  • cognitive achievement
  • curiosity and an excitement for learning
  • thinking outside the box
  • learning how learn not what to learn
  • go outside
  • having fun
  • an introduction to rhythm and melody
  • plenty of exposure to open-ended visual art
Days at Carol’s House revolve around a schedule that provides the stability of routine while allowing plenty of time for children to free play, play games, make visual art, sing, dance and spend plenty of time outside. Children enjoy quiet time on the loft, digging and creating in the sandbox, pretending with the dress up clothes and imaginative toys, drawing, cutting and taping at the rectangle table, building with Lego bricks, blocks, or a myriad of other fine-motor toys that are on hand.  Almost every toy available to the children is rotated out on a weekly or biweekly schedule, keeping interests piqued and children excited.  The toys, games, supplies and curriculum have been collected and developed over the nearly forty years of Carol’s House’s existence, the previous 22 of which have been in our current location, a dedicated center in a home in central Norman, next door to Carol’s house (lower case h,) the original location that is still Carol and Dan’s home.

In our current incarnation, we are a center that keeps fifteen full time children aged two to five years old, staffed by a long-time alumnus, Dan and Carol’s son Noah Boone, and his wife Kate Vincent, with part time support from Carol and Dan. It is a testament to Carol’s House that both the staff and clients are multi-generational! Please give us a call or send an email to ask questions or schedule a visit.

Here are some specifics about our center:
  • Carol’s House is open Monday- Friday. 7:45 am- 5:15 pm
  •  Each day we provide a morning and afternoon snack and lunch, except every second Friday when families send a lunch from home.
  • We strive to accommodate dietary restrictions and have worked with children with vegetarian, vegan and allergy-conscious diets.
  • Carol’s House is open all year, with the exception of most national holidays, a week in the summer, a week in the winter, and a few days throughout the year which usually correspond with closings at OU and Norman Public Schools.
  • We offer only full time spots and require children to attend from 10:00 am- 2:00 pm most of the year.  This allows children to become confident members of their small community and to fully absorb the unit curriculum.
  • During the summer, families can sign up for vacation time which allows alumni families to return to Carol’s House during their break from elementary school. These months are much loved by both the younger and older crew, as well as by Noah and Kate.
  • Children at Carol’s House are rarely broken up by age group allowing the older children to become more effective teachers and younger students to have many opportunities to learn.
  • Our focus at Carol’s House is on the growth of the whole child, however we also enjoy delving into academic material.  This is expressed through play and identified as color-, shape-, number- and letter-of-the-week, week or two-week units covering the seasons, animals, insects, seeds/food production, dinosaurs, animal classification and more.  We also take every chance we get to use incidental learning opportunities to explore the world around us, and the subjects that children are particularly interested in.